Managing employee benefits is no longer just a matter of shopping coverages or paying claims. Today, a company's benefits are a reflection of its philosophy and culture, and an integral part of its overall business strategy. This includes:

  • Employer Health Insurance 
  • Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions
  • Benefits Consulting & Advisory Services 

Proprietary Blueprint Process

At Axial, we've truly found a better way for employers to purchase their health insurance. We don't just mess around with plan designs or meddle with deductibles. We create a multi-year benefits blueprint for you to follow and use as a guide along the way. 

Strength In Numbers

Our Coalitions combine liked-minded companies together to form a pool that is large enough to mimic the buying techniques of some of the largest companies in the country.  The members of our coalitions gain the advantages of buying as a group, yet still retain their individual plan design. As a result, many clients save an average of 10-15% from their fully funded premium
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Get Unused Premium Dollars 

How many insurance companies do you know that give back unused premium dollars? Our coalition model returns these funds directly to our members - which amounted to over $4 million dollars in fiscal year 2016.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We used our Benefit's strategy as an opportunity - and Axial Benefits was a key piece in that. Anytime I called on a large customer, Axial would accompany me to the meeting and explain in detail how their specific program would run. It's this type of service that's unlike anything i've seen in this industry.

Richard Purtell

President, American Resource Staffing

The year started off with a 23% increase in our projected healthcare costs, however we weren't willing to just rollover. With Axial Benefits, we were able to be creative with our healthcare funding mechanism and ultimately bring that increase down to a negligible amount.

Doug Lucente

CEO, Promedical

Because of the fact that your sharing in a much bigger pool, you're able to maximize the economies of scale and the benefits of being a larger employer while at the same time managing your costs and increasing your margins. At the end of the day this program is less expensive and much more transparent than a fully insured plan would be.

James Bowmer

President & CEO, Workway

Axial in the News

May 2017 - Mick Rodgers, Axial's Managing Partner was recently featured in Employee Benefits Advisor Magazine in an article titled, Advisers must re-think the way they’re paid. 

To read the full article, please click here. 



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