Corporate 401(k) Plans

Corporate Retirement

Offering a sophisticated retirement plan makes a positive statement to current employees. An appropriately designed retirement plan, tailored to your business and your workforce, can support hiring, encourage retention, and enhance the financial future of all your employees.

Our wealth management division, Axial Financial Group (AFG), is a partner of Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser, one of the largest independent Broker/Dealers. Commonwealth, located in Waltham, MA and San Diego, CA with over 1600 financial advisors nationwide and approximately $100 billion in total account assets as of 2/28/2015.

AFG provides retirement plan clients of all size a plan design that can work for you. Each plan is designed based on the characteristic and needs of your business.  Whether it's profit sharing, 401(k), or defined benefit plans, we'll:

  • Create the appropriate plan document
  • Perform vendor search and selection
  • Create customized employee educational material
  • Continuously monitor your investment offerings
  • Create and maintain a fiduciary process
  • Create a labor department audit file
Axial is dedicated to providing professional, unbiased consulting services to employers that want to retain talented employees and provide them with solutions to achieve financial security.